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I couldn't remember,
The girl i just met
She claims she knows me
but how could I forget?
Upon tugging on my hand,
She cracked a few bones
the pain was familiar
A heavy heart filled with stones...
Although her smile looked sincere
Her eye shone no glint
Just absolute fear
I guess I didn't understand
At the time
But now I think I do
Strongly burdened with a crime
Her fear was, to be forgotten
By someone she had missed
Her heart broke in two
When i asked Who is this?
Day by day;finally released
I searched for her, far and wide
Jay.T.Heidi deceased
too late I thought
too late to remember
The girl who I shared my first kiss
On a lonely night December.
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Hana by KimmyBoi Hana :iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 0 0 Flying down Cliff by KimmyBoi Flying down Cliff :iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 6 3 My Island by KimmyBoi My Island :iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 2 0 Child's Heart by KimmyBoi Child's Heart :iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 0 0 Rocky Shore by KimmyBoi Rocky Shore :iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 0 0 Wooden Peacock by KimmyBoi Wooden Peacock :iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 0 0 Acc.ID by KimmyBoi Acc.ID :iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 1 0 Death Kid by KimmyBoi Death Kid :iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 0 0 Chains on My Hip by KimmyBoi Chains on My Hip :iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 0 0 Old Phone Rose by KimmyBoi Old Phone Rose :iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 0 0 Dawn of the Flowers by KimmyBoi Dawn of the Flowers :iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 1 0
A friend once told me to be strong
But even the strongest steel will rust
So I guess he was wrong
Rocks demolished and crumbled to dust
When I wish I could die
I think why me? Why am I here?
To let my soul fly
I shed a saddened tear
To live I know I must
As I look away from my reflection
I shake my head in disgust
I’m opposite to perfection
A friend once told me to be strong
But even the tallest tree will tumble down
So I guess he was wrong
I’m left with a grim frown
Although writing keeps the mind at peace
My heart stops to beat
I’m lying to myself through my clenched teeth
But my life doesn’t stop for defeat..
:iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 2 0
A fatal mistake, the chain will break~
~Not to be mended, once it rusts, for all to know, it breaks ones trust~
Just when you thought, it's him I can trust,
He grabs your friendship chain, crushes it to dust
Leaving you in vain.
Then you stand on your feet
Standing tall
You look at him, not with defeat
Making sure, he'll fall
You tell why, you hate him
He looks in shame
Chances for him are slim
You say, "How could you be so lame?"
Trust takes time
However, it breaks much faster
Never to be forgotten
And never to be mended....
:iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 2 3
Zutara Chapter 14
Meeting with Iroh,
“Uncle…” Zuko called as he entered the control room.
“Oh, thank-goodness you’re alright. Looks to me as though Katara did a mighty fine job with you”
“Uhh…” Zuko blushed in embarrassment; he didn’t know how to bring up the subject of him joining the avatar.
Iroh looked at his nephew, seeing as though he wasn’t acting like his usual self, he knew something was up…but what?
“Is something the matter, Prince Zuko?” Iroh said formally.
Zuko, didn’t know what to say, but after seconds of thinking he decided it was best to tell his uncle. “Uncle, I’ll make this quick because well…” Zuko was cut off whatever he was about to say by his uncle.
“Zuko, just say it. I’m here to help you on your trip, your own decisions and thoughts and mostly stupid ideas are yours and I will listen to what you have to say”
“Fine” Zuko answered bluntly. “I’m planning t
:iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 5 4
Converse by KimmyBoi Converse :iconkimmyboi:KimmyBoi 3 0
Please check through my gallery. Of course some things you might find quite boring or dislike but I hope there's something in there that you would like! :D

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  Okay, I admit...that was one hell of a break from the dA World...but hey, I had a feeling I was going to come back one way or another and this will probably be the longest journal I've ever written. :la:

  I think as 2011 has arrived there will be more stressful moments, so I realized it was best if I get a move on here to release stress in my average daily life. i.e academic, social,etc. (LOL, sounds serious, but it's just an excuse...):D :fingerscrossed:

  Unfortunately, it's back to square 1 with remembering all the components of dA. ( Was sitting here for a while wondering how to join groups...but managed to work it out)
  I've got a load of clean up stuff to do, get back into writing, photography and drawing for 2011...or I've officially lost something worth keeping. :forgiveme: For now here's the list:


   Back in the Past (Unfinished)

:bulletpurple: Zutara Fanfiction (^^ I remember those days...sigh)
:bulletorange: ...I swear there was another Zutara fanfic...but i couldn't find it in my gallery...:S

   Look into the Future  :woohoo:

:bulletred: Clean up un-needed deviations and file them into folders
:bulletyellow: Update photos from phone and camera
:bulletred: Finish up the Zutura series (wrote it all out..-.- but trashed them)
:bulletyellow: Keep Journal updated
:bulletred: Keep drawing and writing skills proper (A bit lazy now-a-days)
:bulletyellow: Complete all unfinished artwork and stories.

  I'm still getting used to these < > code things...but yeah I think dA FAQ + HELP, shall provide be with all the help that I need (sigh)





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